Gea Huisman Stibbe

Gea Huisman Stibbe (1963) studied at the Catholic University of Tilburg. She graduated in civil law in 2000. She completed this study part-time alongside her position in the corporate market.

She graduated in contract law and has been working as a lawyer since October 2000. The subject of her final thesis was ‘Mediation in the equestrian sector.’

Because of her contacts and connections in the equestrian sector, she has started to deal with many horse related matters. Hobby became work.

Because of her background, raised in the equestrian world, she was approached by friends and acquaintances to assist them in legal matters.

After all: she understands the horse sector better than anyone what it is all about. She knows what the interests are in this sector.

Gea has a close relationship with the equestrian sector and has extensive knowledge in the veterinary field, national and international regulations and sports associations. Combining this background with legal knowledge and her network of experts, she is the ideal point of contact for legal equestrian issues. She assists companies as well as private individuals at auctions, while international professional athletes also turn to her. She litigates and assists international professional athletes at IND procedures so that they obtain the necessary permits to stay in the Netherlands or Europe. Immigration law. At the KNHS, the FEI and the CAS in Switzerland (Court of Arbitration Sport) she assists athletes in disciplinary matters , advises and guides therein where necessary.