Equine Law

With the addition of Marieke Jansen to the team, Willems commercial law firm has an equine law expert at its disposal. This expertise entails all legal areas regarding horses. As both the commercial as well as sporting interests are quite considerable in the equestrian sports, a lawyer who can provide advice and assistance is essential. This requires not just a lawyer who knows all about equestrian sports, but also one who understands the customs and conventions of the equine world.

Marieke Jansen has taken it upon herself to advise and litigate in equine disputes as a lawyer on behalf of her clients as well as being an active equestrian professional on a daily basis. She acquired veterinary knowledge and speaks the language of all parties involved in sport horse management such as veterinarians, behavioural experts and farriers.

In the national equestrian world, many issues can arise about the purchase of a horse, hidden defects, (co-) ownership, or training and liability. Apart from this, the Netherlands is considered a ‘shopping mall’ for sport horses, which often leads to cross-border disputes in which Willems Law Firm provides client advice and assistance. Willems caters for private individuals as well as horse dealers, breeders, (co-) owners, trainers and veterinarians.

Matters in which Willems can assist a.o:

  • purchase contracts;
  • disputes relating to buying or selling;
  • cooperation agreements;
  • veterinary liability;
  • disciplinary proceedings (KNHS- ‘Dutch National Equestrian Federation’ and FEI- ‘International Equestrian Federation’)
  • policy disputes;
  • damage caused to or by horses.


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